Build of avr-binutils with vanilla toolchain

The build took 00h 01m 02s and was NOT successful.

The program in this build is written in the following languages, according to sloccount:

1,420,414 ansic
565,955 asm
123,929 cpp
61,612 exp
20,301 sh
14,954 lisp
14,713 yacc
2,111 perl
1,681 ada
1,626 lex
1,438 pascal
879 cs
195 sed
127 makefile
26 awk
2,229,961 total

The process tree of the build process is here.

Due to the failure of this package to build, we did not attempt to build several packages that depend on this one. Those packages are:


To avoid scrolling, you may jump to the last line of the invocation of makepkg that was used to build this package.

Removed vanilla repositories from pacman.conf and added:
# [tuscan]
# Server = file:///var/cache/pacman/pkg/

CMD: pacman -Syy --noconfirm
# :: Synchronizing package databases...
# downloading tuscan.db...

CMD: sudo -u tuscan red makepkg --noextract --syncdeps --skipinteg --skippgpcheck --skipchecksums --noconfirm --nocolor --log --noprogressbar --nocheck
# ==> Making package: avr-binutils 2.26.1-1 (Wed Aug 24 12:55:52 UTC 2016)
# ==> Checking runtime dependencies...
# ==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
# ==> WARNING: Using existing $srcdir/ tree
# ==> Starting build()...
# /tmp/avr-binutils/PKGBUILD: line 46: cd: /tmp/avr-binutils/src/binutils-build: No such file or directory
# ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
# Aborting...