Build of arch-wiki-docs with vanilla toolchain

The build took 00h 00m 18s and was NOT successful.

The program in this build is written in the following languages, according to sloccount:

498 python
261 sh
759 total

The process tree of the build process is here.

We did not attempt to build this package because some of its dependencies failed to build. These dependencies are:

List of Errors


To avoid scrolling, you may jump to the last line of the invocation of makepkg that was used to build this package.

Removed vanilla repositories from pacman.conf and added:
# [tuscan]
# Server = file:///var/cache/pacman/pkg/

CMD: pacman -Syy --noconfirm
# :: Synchronizing package databases...
# downloading tuscan.db...

CMD: sudo -u tuscan red makepkg --noextract --syncdeps --skipinteg --skippgpcheck --skipchecksums --noconfirm --nocolor --log --noprogressbar --nocheck
# ==> Making package: arch-wiki-docs 20160711-1 (Wed Aug 24 13:55:16 UTC 2016)
# ==> Checking runtime dependencies...
# ==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
# ==> Installing missing dependencies...
# error: target not found: python-lxml
# error: target not found: python-cssselect
# ==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.