Builds that exhibited error 'conflicting_types' on toolchain 'android'

There are 9 builds in this category.

The program re-declared some identifier that was already declared in a header file provided by the toolchain.

Headers containing tokens that were redeclared
Frequency Header
×4 sys/vfs.h
×2 malloc.h
×2 linux/resource.h
×2 errno.h
×2 linux/netlink.h
×1 sys/types.h
×1 sys/socket.h
×1 linux/sem.h

List of all packages exhibiting this error:

android Build Name Further Information
y arptables
    ×1 sys/types.h;
y ccache
    ×1 errno.h;
y hostapd
    ×2 linux/netlink.h;
y joe
    ×1 errno.h;
y kaa-base
    ×1 linux/sem.h;
y libnfs
    ×4 sys/vfs.h;
y proxychains-ng
    ×1 sys/socket.h;
y tcsh
    ×2 malloc.h;
y time
    ×2 linux/resource.h;